List of Past contests

The Working Elderly Winners announced! <br/><br/> The Hindu, in association with Birkbeck, University of London, and the Centre for Law Policy and Human Rights Studies, Chennai, conducted the national photo competition ‘The Working Elderly’ between June 30 and July 21.<br/> Research undertaken by Birkbeck, University of London, and the Centre for Law, Policy and Human Rights Studies, Chennai, has found that elderly people work in every sector of Chennai’s economy, particularly in low-paid work. Typically their work is invisible or denigrated and their status as workers is unacknowledged. Research into the work of the elderly people across the country is negligible — generally because it is assumed that old people are not working.<br/> The aim of the contest was to reverse this situation by uncovering the work of the elderly people across the country, revealing the diversity of their work and demonstrating their contribution to family, society and economy through their determination and endurance.<br/> July View
India's Most loved bird “India’s Most Loved Bird” is a Nature Forever Society initiative, where nature lovers from across the country will decide by voting which is the bird that India loves the Most. March View
BiodiverCity The BiodiverCity Photo Contest aims at encouraging common people to involve themselves in this pan-India mission of photo documenting the flora and fauna around them with whatever camera they have, including the mobile one. February View
Moods of Margazhi The event is a unique photographic celebration of the Margazhi season in Chennai – one of the largest music and dance festivals. December View
Slice of Chennai Think out of the box and tell a new story, or a completely new view of an old story. Experiment at the cost of aesthetics will not be encouraged. The documentary must be factual and provide a complete view of whichever aspect of this city you choose to showcase. None View
Chennai after the rains Precipitation transforms the city, affecting changes both beautiful and unseemly. The spectacle over the Marina, typical monsoon eats, muggy afternoons, the terrible state of our roads, chronic civic inconveniences; readers can draw from all of these and more. View
Kolu Kondattam The Hindu’s much awaited Kolu Kondattam is back! It’s much bigger and better this time extending across all of Chennai. Interested participants are encouraged to send in their entries. A panel of judges will visit each area. The way you receive your guests and traditional customs will fetch you extra points. In each area a winner and 2 runners up will be selected and one Grand Champion will emerge across all of Chennai. In a grand award ceremony the winners will be felicitated amongst a lot of fanfare. View
Breakfast in Chennai Think out of the box, think eclectic. Explore the varied platter Chennai offers for breakfast. Get clicking! View
Chennai by day and night Pick interesting sights that convey the mood and flavour of your city during the day and at night. View
Traditional Chennai If you thought tradition was a monotony in monochrome, think again. View
'Push-carts' in Chennai Think out of the box, think eclectic. Exciting prizes await the winner, 10 finalists and the readers' choice. View